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We Create Space.
We Create Space.

Groß & Partner is a leading real estate developer in Germany with a strong focus on the city of Frankfurt. The company is well experienced in office, residential and hotel development but focuses on urban development as well.

From the initial idea to final implementation, leasing and sale to end investors, Groß & Partner attends to a real estate development’s entire value chain. The complete service package under one roof ensures fast job completion, the best possible value for money, and uniform quality management. That is a basic standard at Groß & Partner – as well as a promise.

We create new spaces. Spaces for people who fill them with life. Our idea of space goes well beyond the conventional understanding of length by width by height; we want to inspire people. That’s our mission – and our passion.

We consider new spaces to be a service to society, which is why we develop our projects within the context of a neighborhood, milieu, and philosophy. We give the future space to evolve.

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